Firo coming to FluxNodes

Firo, the privacy-focused digital currency, is partnering with Flux and deploying Firo full nodes on the Flux network. Firo will be leveraging the power of the decentralized Flux computational network to run their infrastructure and Fluxnode operators will soon be able to earn $FIRO with their Nimbus and Stratus nodes.

The Flux team is happy to announce yet another partnership.

This time with Firo, the gold standard of trustless, on-chain privacy. Firo and Flux share some history and it is with great pleasure that Flux will now deploy Firo full nodes on its decentralized computational network.

Firo is the second blockchain opting to use truly decentralized infrastructure to power its blockchain operations. With two blockchains onboard Flux is firmly established as a premier platform for full node operations — one of many use-cases well suited for a powerful decentralized computational network.

Flux aims to onboard many more blockchains in the future and will welcome any projects interested with open arms.

This partnership marks another milestone moment for Flux and proves that the demand for decentralized cloud infrastructure is on the rise. Flux will meet this demand as the network continues its rapid growth with the number of Fluxnodes seeing 25% growth since May 1st, 2021.

Many more interesting use-cases will be highlighted in July as Flux will deploy 20 new decentralized apps in just 20 days in their ’20 in 20’ initiative. July will also see the launch of the XDAO and the developer grant program which will further empower the Flux community and strengthen the decentralized vision of Flux.

Flux is picking up momentum and is hard at work to build the decentralized internet of the future.

Flux node operators will earn Firo when deploying Firo Nodes

The Firo partnership adds an additional way for Fluxnode operators to earn rewards for supplying resources to the Flux network. Firo nodes will be available on Nimbus and Stratus nodes globally, with a local release set sometime in the near future. It may be time to upgrade some of your Cumulus nodes in order to reap the benefits of this new partnership. If you don’t run a Fluxnode, be sure to check out the official Flux site on FluxNodes.

The Firo full nodes will be implemented on Fluxnodes in a similar way as Kadena nodes. If you’re familiar with running a Kadena node on Flux, then it will more or less be the same process and reward structure.

Here are the preliminary details:

  • Firo nodes will have similar requirements as Kadena nodes and will run on Nimbus and Stratus tier Fluxnodes.
  • Node operators will be able to install the Firo nodes as a local app on their node dashboard.
  • If the weekly uptime requirements are met, then node operators will be rewarded with $FIRO on a weekly basis.

More details will be released as the Firo nodes partnership goes live.

The best time to join Flux is now

Flux continues to deliver new partnerships, new decentralized apps, new incentives, and new possibilities. The network and community are growing and the team has onboarded many new members in the past weeks. Don’t miss out, the best time to join Flux is now.

The future is decentralized, the future is Flux! Join up and see for yourself.

Until then stay informed with the latest news on the official Flux website.

Check out the recent AMA with the Flux team.

Also, drop by the Flux discord to meet the Flux team and community.



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