DEPIN: Flux Partners With YOM To Decentralize Cloud Gaming

Flux Official
2 min readMay 29, 2024


Cloud Gaming is on the rise, and Flux is partnering with YOM to make it secure, affordable, and accessible.

DePIN and its multifaceted applications hold massive potential to transform different sectors of modern technology as we know it. Physical resource networks are already shaping the way users interact with services such as transportation and wireless access to the Internet. With DePIN, community-driven applications can achieve faster scaling and enhanced accessibility at lower costs compared to relying on centralized infrastructure.

This is no different for cloud gaming. Flux’s partnership with YOM is set to bring the unique advantages of DePIN to thousands of users worldwide.

Meet. YOM

YOM is a decentralized pixel streaming infrastructure that powers cloud gaming and the distribution of immersive content across different devices. Using its native DePIN infrastructure, YOM delivers to users high-performance, low-latency streaming experiences, offering a decentralized alternative to traditional consoles.

YOM SDK also equips studios and creators with the tools to build and deploy photorealistic content with Unreal Engine 5 and additional support for integrated analytics, data feeds, and triggers. Users can leverage YOM technology to create new media formats and broadcast content to any destination channel while retaining complete ownership and control. For more information, please visit YOM’s website.

How Does Flux Come In?

YOM will leverage FluxEdge to complement the computing resources it requires to power its cloud gaming platform. The ability to quickly meet GPU demand across different regions worldwide is crucial for optimizing user experience and a key metric in the gaming industry. FluxEdge will enable YOM to handle more intensive projects and scale out its operations while maintaining peak-performance, as well as reducing overhead and operational costs.

By collaborating synergistically, Flux and YOM. offer an affordable approach to high-quality pixel streaming for cloud gamers without compromising on security.

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