Decentralized SmartPools: Flux Meets Ergo!

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3 min readOct 14, 2022

Mining is an integral part of every Proof of Work-based blockchain. This process allows transactions to be recorded, validated, and secured on the blockchain. Take out the miners in a POW blockchain, and the network becomes vulnerable. Miners on the network are thus saddled with the responsibility of maintaining blockchain integrity and appending new transactions to the ledger. In return, they receive incentives in the form of block rewards.

However, mining requires intensive GPU resources, and it may take an average computer several months or years to win the cryptographic competition needed to add a new block. Therefore, individual miners often combine their resources and create mining pools to overcome this computational drawback.

Centralized mining pools allow miners to share CPU resources and reduce reward variance. Unfortunately, this solution also comes at a cost. Pool operators can inflate gas prices and influence the transactions that enter the blockchain. In addition, miners have no assurance that they are rewarded in proportion to their shares due to a lack of transparency in the system.

FluxLabs’ partner,, offers a different approach; Decentralized smart contracts-based mining pools.

A group of miners and developers created in the Ergo community as the first decentralized mining smart pool based on ERG. The pool leverages smart contracts to enable the on-chain processing of mining shares and payment distribution. This promotes transparency and a consensus-based reward system. is currently home to 5 different Smartpools (also called Subpools) where miners can participate and get rewarded. Miners can also create their Subpools and choose how they get paid.

Flux on

Flux is committed to the vision of a decentralized internet, and the ecosystem continues to partner with innovative projects that share these ideals.

Ergo is one such partner.

Flux already shares a rich history with Ergo. The token Flux-ERG already runs on Zelcore as one of the ecosystem’s parallel assets. Flux is taking this partnership to the next phase by launching the test version of its Smartpool on

The Flux decentralized Smartpool will run for a test period of two weeks (or for an emission amount of 10,000 Flux-ERG). During this period, miners would be able to mine Ergo with their AMD or Nvidia cards and swap 25% of their total block rewards to Flux-ERG. So, instead of mining 100% ERG tokens, miners will earn 75% ERG and 25% Flux-ERG.

Decentralized smart contract-based mining pools are set to revolutionize mining and give miners more value for their services. To take a deep dive into Subpools, go here. You can also check out’s official website and Twitter channel.

The Ergo mining dashboard on can be readily accessed at

At Flux, we continue to build infrastructure, projects, and partnerships that will shape the future of the decentralized internet.

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