Copay wallet support for ZelCash to be discontinued, replaced with ZelCore Multi-address Feature

As many other projects are finding out, integrating Sapling support into the Copay wallet is proving extremely difficult with the older technology

This article covers:

  • Ending support for Copay wallet for ZelCash
  • ZelCore already updated to support Acadia Network Upgrade
  • Multiple address support for ZelCore to replace Copay multi-address
  • Update Full Node wallets for Acadia network upgrade (~Jan 12/13)
  • Bootstrap link for Full Node faster syncing

Copay Wallet Support Ending

As ZelCash approaches the Acadia Network Upgrade (~Jan 12/13, Block height 250,000), the Zel Team is working diligently to make the upgrade as seamless as possible for the Community by updating ZelCore, Swing wallet (Full Node), block explorers, etc. One issue we have faced is adding Zcash’s Sapling upgrades to the Bitpay Copay wallet for ZelCash.

Since Copay wallet was initially built to support Bitcoin and its forks, many developers have spent countless hours porting and maintaining the code to support privacy coins, like ZelCash and other Zcash-forks. The Copay wallet has been good to us, allowing light addresses and Android mobile support early on while we were building ZelCore in the early days, but unfortunately the time has arrived to end support for Copay for ZelCash. We do not have the resources to perform the updates needed to support Sapling, and many other projects are also struggling to future-proof the Copay wallet for their own privacy coin projects with Sapling support integration. This means that collaboration between projects hasn’t solved this issue either, so different options are now a necessity.

These are all the copay wallets with links. They WILL NOT be supported anymore:

If you are a ZelCash coin holder, and you use Copay wallet, you will need to switch to another option, including ZelCore, Full Node (Swing), or the web wallet. The web wallet has a new feature to import Copay addresses/balances to make the transition easier for the Community.

To switch to a new wallet, there are many options. The easiest and quickest option is to choose your new wallet platform above (like ZelCore), and send all your coins to the new wallet address. As always, we provide very quick support via Discord, so if you need help, please let us know. Note: ZelCore is already updated to support the Acadia Network Upgrade.

Two of the great features of the Copay wallet is the lightweight address functionality, and the ability to have multiple addresses within the same wallet. We have had lightweight addresses within ZelCore since the beginning, and now we have added support for multiple addresses within the same Zel ID account.

ZelCore Multiple Address Support

As the above graphic shows, ZelCore will feature support for multiple addresses within a single Zel ID account. There will be 3 total addresses for each activated asset, and the wallets can be renamed to anything you wish, e.g. Daily, Mining, and Storage. Switching between wallets is as simple as selecting the wallet from the drop-down menu, or clicking the left/right arrows on the main screen. This feature, along with other updates and bug fixes, will be released during the next ZelCore update within the next week.

You can see the wallet switching in action at the following link:

Acadia Network Upgrade + Full Node Wallets

The Acadia upgrade incorporates both Overwinter and Sapling protocols from Zcash into the ZelCash network, and is a very large upgrade both in scope of work and future functionality for ZelCash. As such, this will be a fork, and users utilizing Full Node wallets must update to the latest binaries. This will also likely require a reindex of the local blockchain data to ensure conformance to the correct chain. To speed up your syncing, we have an updated bootstrap. Just download the bootstrap and place the contents in your \AppData\Roaming\ZelCash folder while keeping your wallet.dat file in place. As always, create a backup of your wallet.dat file before altering the folder if you have not done so already (always back up wallet.dat files!!!).

Full Node Wallet (Swing) Download

ZelCash Full Node Bootstrap Download

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Written by Zel Technologies, GmbH — 06 January 2019 — Rev. 1




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