Call for developers — Innovate on Flux and get a 100K+ grant!

  • Motivation for applying.
  • What use-case your app/platform/system has (why does the world need it?).
  • How it utilizes or plays into the strengths of decentralization (How does this strengthen decentralization?)
  • The technical concept of your app/platform/system (How will it work?).
  • Development schedule with set milestones (What’s the plan, when will it be ready?).
  • An introduction of the individual or team working on the project (who’s building it?).
  • First round: Community approval of individual proposals to continue to the second round. All proposals with more than 50% aye’s will continue to the second round of voting.
  • Second round: Community votes on which of the approved proposals should win the grant. The proposal with the most votes wins the grant.
  • 10% Paid on winning the Grant.
  • 30% Paid on Testnet deployment.
  • 30% Paid on Mainnet deployment.
  • 30% Paid when Acceptance test is passed (earliest 14 days after Mainnet deployment).

Blog source for all things Flux, officially; from the Flux Team | |

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Flux Official

Flux Official

Blog source for all things Flux, officially; from the Flux Team | |

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