Starting July 1st Flux will make a major push and launch 20 new decentralized apps in just 20 days. New Dapps will include major tools for the growing community of hodlers, miners, node operators, and developers on the Flux Ecosystem. Don’t miss out on this epic Flux flex.

Starting on July 1st Flux will launch the ’20 Dapps in 20 days’ campaign and showcase the power and versatility of the Flux decentralized computational network.

The Flux network has seen large growth and recently surpassed the 1600 nodes milestone. The ever-increasing number of nodes continues to strengthen the network’s decentralization and…

On the 15th of June is the snapshot for the next Flux parallel asset. It will be dropping parallel assets for Flux-ETH and Flux-BSC, bringing the current number of parallel assets to three. With seven more parallel assets and airdrops to come, here is a primer on Flux airdrops and economics.

This article is a primer on Flux airdrops and economics. You’ll learn some of the basics about Flux economics and parallel assets as well as the why, what, and how of Flux airdrops.

The Basics — The Flux hard fork and parallel assets

So Flux actually started out in…

In just around two weeks almost 4 million Flux has been staked on CoinMetro! Flux holders are fully embracing this exciting new way of earning Flux and the Flux network is experiencing huge growth because of it.

The CoinMetro exchange opened Flux staking on May 28th. With as little as 500 Flux you are now able to stake it and earn Flux in a convenient and easily accessible way.

Anyone can do it! Deposit FLUX on CoinMetro, access the FLUX staking dashboard in the ‘earn’ section and you’re good to go.

This latest milestone in the partnership between CoinMetro and…

Continuing to build on the strength of the Kadena and Flux blockchains with deep inter-chain interoperability. Flux is setting a goal to become an Infura-like infrastructure for Kadena.

With any good partnership, there are ever-changing dynamics and new strategic goals. With the mind-blowing success of the KDA node launch on Flux, we will be moving to phase two of the development iteration.

Here are some of the finer points about the upcoming changes:

  • ALL nodes will now need to run both Kadena Chainweb Node and Kadena Chainweb Data to qualify for rewards. …

FLUX rewards people who are loyal and support the network. Get involved and get rewarded!

FLUX is not only the best decentralized computational network in the crypto space. It also provides great opportunities to earn more FLUX no matter how much or how little you hold.

Here are the many ways of making the most of your FLUX.


Did you know that you can get more FLUX by simply holding FLUX in the official Zelcore wallet?

Every time FLUX introduces a new parallel asset there is an airdrop of the new tokens to FLUX holders. …

Flux looks to expand the decentralized internet ecosystem with logical and beneficial projects.

What is Rosetta API?

Rosetta is a simplified way for developers or industries to onboard into an ecosystem. It creates an environment that is easier to debug, integrate, and build off of. The data flow through all Rosetta-based blockchain nodes are standardized, so developers are comfortable and don’t feel lost when integrating and building on a new Rosetta blockchain environment. It helps achieve this standardized format of how transactions are signed/read/etc. through its two-part system Data API and Construction API. More information here:

Data API —…

Nitter is making Twitter private and protecting your information, Flux network supports their mission.

Nitter is a free and open-source alternative Twitter front-end focused on privacy. The source is available on GitHub at

  • No JavaScript or ads
  • All requests go through the backend, the client never talks to Twitter
  • Prevents Twitter from tracking your IP or JavaScript fingerprint
  • Unofficial API (no rate limits or developer account required)
  • Lightweight
  • RSS feeds
  • Themes
  • Mobile support (responsive design)
  • AGPLv3 licensed, no proprietary instances permitted

Nitter’s GitHub wiki contains instances and browser extensions maintained by the community.

Why use Nitter on Flux?

It’s basically impossible to use Twitter without JavaScript enabled. If you try, you’re redirected to the legacy mobile version which…

Developing another decentralized application to assist the masses, Flux pushes the power and scale of their network.

They say a picture contains thousands of pixels, worth a thousand words as well; welcome to the part of the bigger picture.

Today the Flux team is announcing our work and partnership with a Labs project startup called Dropalo.

Dropalo is a multipurpose, location-based, time-restricted messaging platform; a global bulletin board system, where all messages have a lifespan and eventually expire. This development keeps in line with the blockchain privacy and decentralization mantra. …

Fetch V.3 includes direct integration with Coin Market Cap (CMC) Data, which will launch on over 1300+ decentralized incentivized nodes!

The Flux team is announcing another powerful application that will be launching on all Flux nodes. Dibi Fetch is truly a decentralized oracle running on the Flux ecosystem to provide aggregated pricing data from major exchanges, as well as now including CMC moving forward.

Why is this important?

Fetch creates an opportunity for users to have raw, uncontrolled, and unfiltered data in a decentralized and seamless solution. Based on Flux, this allows node ops to be the backbone of the…

Flux, Folding@Home, Covid-19, and a Massive $Flux competition begins!

“The battle is the most magnificent competition in which a human being can indulge. It brings out all that is best; it removes all that is base. All men are afraid in battle. The coward is the one who lets his fear overcome his sense of duty. Duty is the essence of manhood.” -George S. Patton

In recent days there has been a lot of talk about decentralized cloud infrastructure. With the launch of other projects in the space, Flux has chosen to put up or shut up. We have worked…

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